We are giving you multiple chances to win tickets to go to Six Flags this summer. If you win, you must try these rides. You know, for the kids.

Right now you can win family 4 packs to Six Flags over Texas simply by visiting our Facebook page. Here's how it works.

Like our K-107 page. Comment on a photo. Or Share a story with your friends. and you'll be entered to win. We'll pick winners Monday morning, May 16th, after 8am.

  • Batman!

    Six Flags over Texas

    Feel like Batman over the streets of Gotham. Or just grunt and talk in a gravely voice. And don't forget to act badly. Just don't puke.

  • Dive Bomber Alley

    Six Flags over Texas

    Maybe you don't like big machines. Maybe you don't like people. Maybe you don't like being puked on by idiots who shouldn't be on the damn ride in the first place. Then Dive Bomber Alley is all you.

  • La Vibora

    Six Flags over Texas

    If don't want the restriction (and safety) of rails, then hop on La Vibora. It's a bobsled ride without the chance to win gold.

  • Shock Wave

    Six Flags over Texas

    If you like to go loop de loop, then you need to climb aboard the Shock Wave. 2 min 40 seconds of stomach churning loops for you...pleasure?

  • Texas Sky Screamer

    Six Flags over Texas

    If you're one of those people that miss recess and swing time, then might I suggest the Texas SkyScreamer. On the play ground you might get 8 feet off the air. With this one, you go to 400 feet. Begin screaming now.