This has got to be one of the saddest Craigslist stories I have ever heard of. (How do people find out this stuff anyway?  Do they just troll Caigslist?)

This is the Ad:


That is probably too tiny for you to read, but you needed to see it.  The ad was placed by 19 year old Natalie Carson, a Colorado woman who was taken away from her abusive parents when she was a baby.  Natalie told her story to a Denver TV station.

She was adopted by a family that took her to Georgia, but they abused her too. She was placed back in foster care around the age of 12, and there she stayed until she was 18.  Natalie says she never had a real birthday and that is what she wants now.  She is willing to rent a family at 8 dollars an hour.  All they have to do is celebrate with her. Natalie says she has gotten over 1000 responses so far.



I kind of want this to be a hoax since it is such a sad tale. Even sadder still that there are lots of young men and women out there just like Natalie who have nobody to celebrate with. The good news for Natalie is that she has so many offers that she will never have to have another lonely birthday again. Let's just hope she hasn't atttacted any creeps!