Because there's a chance you're going to be sentenced to death (kidding!), Texas likes to put on a good show. Especially in a state as historical as this, check out these amazingly beautiful courthouses found in the Lone Star State.

In Bell County you've got the old and the new.

Via Google Maps
Via Google Maps

Down the road in Miriam County.

Via Google Maps

In Freestone County you've got this.

  In Hill County you can see this.

In Maverick County you had to have a nice place to compete with the epic palm trees.

Maverick County Courthouse Eagle Pass, Texas 120/254 #mytxcourthousequest

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You'll get your exercise if you step out of line in Denton County.

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So big it deserves two shots.

County Courthouse, Denton Texas. #historicbuildings #texascourthouses #limestone

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You'd be wise not to attempt to overrun this courthouse in Wise County. Pretty sure they have the high ground.


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Why do I feel I could get a Wonka chocolate bar at the Hopkins County Courthouse?

Hopkins County Courthouse #texascourthouses #romanesquerevival #bestoftexas

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