A couple of days ago, my family and I found ourselves starting to sweat a little bit more than normal in our home. Apparently, our air conditioning unit was leaking water which nearly caused panic because we don't know the first thing about repairing an AC unit and knowing how HOT the summers get here in Central Texas, we dreaded having to call an AC repairman.

Luckily, we were able to fix our problem without having to place a call, but for many in our area that aren't so lucky, they are going through HELL.

According to KWTX News 10, after surveying local companies, they found that Central Texans are waiting up to 3 days for AC repair due to the surge in repair calls that happen during the summer months.

If you have to wait a few days for repair, do like we did and see if you could Google or Bing your problem and hope that there's an easy fix that you can do at home. But it always helps to do preventative maintenance throughout the year to keep your AC in shape.