I guess the staff over at The Daily Show has never heard the phrase "Don't mess with Texas." ( Kevin Hart appears as put out as many others were, but he was not involved in the story at all. The only picture we have of Trevor Noah has Kevin Hart in it. Deal with it.).

After the Supreme Court handed down his decision on the abortion case involving the state of Texas, the official Twitter account of The Daily Show tweeted:

Not a lot of folks were amused on either side of the tumultuous abortion fence. Responses on social media were swift and harsh, to put it mildly. Click on the link above to see them.

Jon Stewart's fans have been pining again...VIA COMEDY CENTRAL

A large sum of the tweets singled out new host Trevor Noah for the offensive post.  That's to be expected given Jon Stewart's long tenure on the program. I don't think that's a joke he would've allowed on the show,  but I've gotten in the habit of not putting words in comedians mouths.  Nevertheless, many tweets reflected a nostalgia for Stewart's tenure on the show, while others said the show should've ended when Stewart left.  It's worth wondering if Trevor Noah can ever close the deal with long time viewers of the program to accept him as Jon Stewart's rightful successor.

As it turns out, Noah was not responsible.  Another staffer made the post, but that person has yet to come public.

There was another post which responded to the firestorm: "Friends, we’re certainly not promoting abortions. Just excited about #SCOTUS reaffirming right to choose." That didn't really help matters.

To their credit, there's been virtually no response to The Daily Show tweet from anyone of importance in the state of Texas.