Nine year old Alex Collins of Chester County, Pennsylvania wanted to go hunting really badly.  He had never been and he had no one to teach him, so when he saw a hunting invitation on the Chester County Sheriff Facebook page, Alex saw his chance. 



He wrote the department a letter and explained his situation.  "It's just me and my Mom and she's too sick to do stuff," Alex wrote, "She has a bad heart. I think you are really nice to do this. I hope you pick me to go."


The letter was hand delivered to the Sheriff's Office. That’s when Alex found out it was the wrong Chester County. Alex lives in Chester County Penn., the hunting trip was in Chester County, South Carolina.


Well that did not stop  Pennsylvania Sheriff Carolyn Welsh, turns out she met the South Carolina Sheriff, Alex Underwood five months ago at a sheriff's conference, so she gave him a call.

Sheriff Alex told her, “If you can get him here, we'll take him hunting."

Arrangements were made, Sheriff Carolyn put the boy on a plane and sent him to South Carolina for a two day hunting trip.


A fleet of patrol cars met Alex in Charlotte.  First stop, Academy Sports and Outdoors, for some hunting and fishing gear.

With donations and money from the South Carolina Sheriff, Alex got about $220 worth of new stuff.

And then the fun began. Alex got to enjoy two days of hunting and fishing with his new friend, the sheriff also named Alex.  The duo is now called Little A and Big A.

Wednesday afternoon, Little A boarded a plane to head home to Pennsylvania.  His new pal, Big A choked up when he talked about the boy leaving.  He hopes to bring Little A back for another trip.