Not too long ago we told you the story of a pending $62 million high school football stadium, one of the more opulent non-professional sporting venues in the state.  I guess the professional ball clubs were feeling a little outdone because on Friday plans for a new home for the Texas Rangers were revealed.  The Dallas Morning News broke the story.

Even though Globe Life Park, formerly the Ballpark in Arlington opened as recently as 1994 at a cost of  $191 million ($305 million in 2016 dollars according to Wikipedia) it's slated to be replaced.  The new park will cost over $500 million. Truly amazing.

Cynically calling it a first world problem, the Fort Worth Star Telegram opines that a retractable roof is now standard with any state of the art baseball park.  The Rangers current home doesn't have one. That's funny, I thought the pastoral landscape of a ball field – which George Carlin made fun of in a famous routine contrasting football with baseball -  was one of the primary attributes which made baseball great.

I happen to like old-fashioned ballparks, The kind that emphasize community and the game itself not about your big ol' TV screens.  Wrigley Field. The old Yankee Stadium. You know what I'm talking about. Maybe I'm just getting too old, but I'm tired of venues having to cater to people who couldn't be any less interested in the game itself. Those people can stay home or go someplace else just not taking up space from true fandom.

I guess I'm just not progressive. Oh well.