Thanks to the upcoming Texas All-Star Soccer Cup, we have Soccer Fever here at K101.7  Big Q is real excited about it! You should have seen his face when I told him I was in a Soccer Movie!.  He could not believe it!

Disney’s “The Big Green”  from 1995, was shot in the Austin Area back when I was skinny.  It starred Steve Guttenberg and Olivia d'Abo.

The Big Green Trailer on Disney Video

A call went out for extras.  My niece and nephew and I decided to go. It was a cold day in January.  All we had to do was cheer when the director said cheer, booooo when she said boooo,  and look disappointed or happy when she told us too. Nobody was playing when she shot our close ups.  We just had to pretend.  Look, can you see me?  I am right next to my niece, Kimberly,  (Kim is in the circle).  I am right under that arrow,  behind that man.

The Big Green ScreenCap

Yeah, I can’t believe he was in my way.   At least Kimberly made it onto the big screen. I think my nephew was on the other side of me.

Even though it was cold, it was a fun.  They treated us like we were important and they even fed us, by throwing hot dogs and chips into the crowd.  Nobody got hurt and everybody got food.

Maybe you can find me in this shot!

I couldn't find me either!

There  will be no directors and producers at The Texas All-Star Soccer Cup  in Belton, Saturday, June 14 at Wilson Kerzee Field.  But there will be 88 of the best soccer players in Texas!

Plus, join us for Family Fun Day, featuring Face Painting, Bounce Houses, and plenty of Food and Hobby Vendors for the whole family!