The following is an excerpt from Lynn Woolley's daily Logic Letter, published 10-8-13.

Dear Lojiks,

Don Maples, 74, is in the obituaries this morning and I am a bit sad and nostalgic.

Don was the program manager of KTEM -- our flagship station -- when I was about 14 and trying to get into radio. At 17, I got a job at KYLE-FM, on top the Kyle Hotel. A couple of years later, I found myself working for Don, doing weekends on KTEM and playing Top 40 records on a those old-style gargantuan turntables we had.

Don was a radio hero to me. He did a morning show, "The Maples Musical Merry-Go-Round," ran the programming department and was the voice of the Temple Wildcats on Friday nights. Don was an old-style deejay, playing to the middle aged audience while I was playing to the high school kids. He was great on the football games.

Once I made it to Dallas, I tried to get Don a staff position at WFAA 570. He was a bit leery of the major market life, and I could not get him to take the job. Later in life, he drove a HOP bus. He helped me with my style and delivery more than I can even recall. I was not a natural like my buddy J. Hugh Sprott (Jay Scott) who worked there at the time, and later went to WABC-TV in New York as an anchor. I needed work. Don was willing to help -- and yell at me if I needed it -- and make me into a radio professional. And now he's gone.

Mr. Maples passed away on Sunday, October 6 at his home in Temple. He was 74. Services are pending with Scanio-Harper Funeral Home of Temple.