What kind of housing comes to mind when you hear the word refugee?  I see lots of people in tents. Whether it's cold outside or hot as heck, I see people living in tents. IKEA, the people who make that furniture we make fun of, wants to ditch the tent and put refugees in something called a "Better Shelter".

Better Shelter was designed with and for refugees. It is supposed to be easy to assemble using everything that comes in the box, no extra tools required.



IKEA says “Better Shelter” is safer, sturdier, easy to transport and assemble, and can house five people at a time. It boasts built-in solar panels that can charge batteries and power four hours of LED lighting at night, and can better protect from rain, heat, and wind for up to three years, six times longer than tents.


Better Shelter.org


After two years of design work and testing them with 40 refugee families in Ethiopia and Iraq, Better Shelters and IKEA announced plans to produce 10,000 of them starting this year. The United Nations has bought them all.


I do believe we need some of our rich people to get involved in this project.