Last week a car dealership in Mass. posted a video that showed them harassing a pizza delivery man.  The auto folks were very proud of the way they belittled the guy.Their glee didn't last long when the internet world took the side of the pizza guy!

The bill was 42 bucks and some change. They gave him two twenties and two fives. Seems like they wanted to give him a 7 dollar tip right.  Why give him that extra five? He says he asked about the amount and was told to keep the change. Pizza guy drives off. The auto people then call his boss and say he took the 7 bucks and he needs to bring it back.  So this is where the conversation picks up.


As the pizza guy leaves a woman shouts, “Get out the door before I put my foot in your (expletive).”

Said another worker, “Get the (expletive) owner and the manager on the phone ... I want him fired.”

The pizza guy was not fired. The lady who made the foot statement was.   The owner of the car dealership has apologized and offered a cash donation to the pizza guy.  It may be too late, negative reviews for the dealership are all over the web.

More importantly a complete stranger set up a Go Fund Me account for the pizza guy and it has raised over 31 thousand dollars!  Lots of people pledged 7 bucks to equal the tip!


Internet Justice is Sweet!