In evaluating the news, I always find it a pleasure in reading and writing about sports. I must confess, however, I'm tired of reading/writing about Johnny Manziel.

These days, Johnny Football makes his home on the gossip columns and on sites like TMZ more often than on the sports page. The latest scuttlebutt is no exception: now it's being reported that the pride of College Station is being sued to pay damages on a mansion he reportedly rented in the Hollywood Hills - the reason he was there is a mystery since Los Angeles does not have a football team yet - and then thoroughly trashed to the point a hazmat unit had to be called in to clean up all the narcotics, allegedly. As reported in the aforementioned gossip site and the Dallas Morning News, the owner of the house is seeking $40,000 in damages. This comes after another report where Manziel rented and then proceeded to total a Mercedes-Benz to the tune of $90,000. I wonder what rental car company in its right mind rents a nearly $100,000 car to someone who hasn't even turned 25 yet.  A post on the Texas Monthly blog dubbed Manziel "Johnny Debtor" ( that's the kind of cute and witty quip we've come to expect from TM.)

I don't care who he is, where he is from or what his background may be. I pondered those things in my last post about this guy. Until he gets his act together I'm done posting about this guy. The modus operandi for me on Johnny: not sharing anything about him anymore unless he does something so colossally stupid it simply cannot be ignored.

ROTFLMFAO! Whatever! Bet you wished you had your money back, "former Cowboys fans."