When we at the radio station began planning for this season of Temple Wildcat Football, we were faced with the challenge of finding a new Play-By-Play announcer for the live broadcasts on Friday night.

Whomever we chose, the new host had to be someone with bona fides in the community, a real Central Texas citizen who bleeds Temple Wildcat Blue. In other words, when you tuned into the broadcast you knew you were listening to the Temple game and home folks. We also wanted an insider who knew all the personalities in the mix, as well as someone with experience behind the mic.

Well, we got him. Meet Joe Palmer.

Needs some creds? He's originally from Gatesville. Former Principal at Salado. Played at Baylor. The first football coach Midway High ever had. A former football announcer on radio, on KTEM as a matter of fact. Now the Assistant Superintendent of Temple ISD for Human Resources. He knows everyone in the system and they know him.

Joe joined his fellow THS booth commentator Allen Roark for a chat on this past week's Inside Wildcat Football from Wings, Pizza and Things Monday night. He told us the Joe Palmer story and how a kid from humble beginnings in Gatesville became the accomplished gentleman we know today.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Palmer

On a personal note, I've known Joe only a short time and I am highly impressed with his knowledge of football and the community but I also admire his personal character. His work ethic and dedication are tremendous. His faith is rock solid. This is the kind of announcer we will be proud to have representing our community. I think you will enjoy hearing his story from his own perspective.

Be sure to listen to Joe along with his fellow Tempelites Art Coley and Allen Roark this Friday night on K1017 FM and streaming live on K1017fm.com.