I just received a moving letter from Andrea Childs, the mother who organized Saturday's Memorial Benefit for Nikki Farr, the Killeen local who was stabbed to death outside of an IHOP two weeks ago.

"As a parent of a daughter the same age as Nikki, this last week and a half has been an emotional roller coaster. No parent is ever equipped to lose a child, much less to lose one in such a brutal and cowardly way," she writes. You can read the full letter below:

Andrea Childs says thank you to those who helped remember Nikki Farr. (Click for full size.)
A big thank you to CC Cruz and B106.3. Mr. Cruz has been our voice through all of this and has helped to put the word out. Mr. Cruz, YOU ROCK!

I have been a part of this community since 2006 and I have been shown so much local love that it's only natural that I show local love in return. Thank you so much.