Another reason to stay away from skunks - they could have rabies.  A rabid skunk was found in a Killeen yard  this past Saturday.

According to a Killeen Police Department press release,  On May 24, Animal Control was called out to the 4500 block of Greyhound Drive after a dog chased a skunk out of a yard. The skunk was later found dead in another backyard.   Testing showed it had rabies.

I would have never thought to call Animal Control for a skunk running out of the yard, but you are supposed to.

Animal Control Officers also advise all residents :

  • Make sure you pet's rabies shots are up to date.
  • Supervise your pets and/or children when they are outdoors even in fenced yards
  • Do not approach or touch any wild animal
  • Report any sick or injured animals or any unusual animal activity to the Killeen Animal Control Unit.

During normal operating hours – 254-526-4455

After normal operating hours – 254—501-8800

Your unvaccinated pet could have rabies before you know it. The disease is transmitted through saliva, so a whole bunch of people could get infected before the pet even shows symptoms.

Protect yourself and your neighbors and get your pets vaccinated!