If you're have a lousy day, that's about to change. News came out today that Red Wine is better for you than going to the gym. You're welcome.

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Researchers at the University of Alberta found that nuts, grapes, and red wine have a complex called resveratrol which, it seems, improves heart, muscle and bone functions in the same way they improve when you go to the gym.

Now this doesn't mean you should go and down a bottle of wine a couple times a day. Like everything else, moderation is implied. After all, the harms of alcohol are more proven than this theory. Plus, you can't get a doctor to give you a straight answer on anything in these litigious days, and if you think they're going to O.K. a wine diet, then you're drinking too much already. A safe bet is a glass of red wine with dinner, and to be safe, a trip to the gym the next morning.