The Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign continues thru Christmas. ringing the bells to raise most of the money needed to keep the Salvation Army going all year long in your community. 


Though I never heard of it happening here, gold coins have been dropped in some of those Red Kettles again this year.


Coins Given to Salvation Army Greater Houston/Facebook



Last week a fourth gold coin, was donated to the Salvation Army in Houston.  According to the Houston Chronicle, the Salvation Army has received hundreds of gold coins from anonymous donors for more than 25 years.


Two of them turned up in Wisconsin. The Brown County Salvation army said one coin, a 1-ounce South African Krugerrand, is worth about $1,207. Last week, the same Salvation Army found a 1-ounce American Eagle worth about $1,200, in a Red Kettle.  It's the fourth year in a row somebody dropped in gold coin for the Brown County Salvation Army.


This gift is even better.


Donated Rings/Salvation Army/Lt Harper


In Boston, a widow dropped two rings into the Kettle telling the bell ringer to sell them to buy toys for poor kids.  After that news came out,  another widow, a former bell ringer herself,  offered to buy the 2 thousand dollar rings for $21,000 and she wanted to give the rings back to the original owner.

Now that is pretty cool.


Now our local Salvation Army isn't asking for diamond rings or gold coins, they just want you to give what ever you can, if you can.



If you want to give gold coins wrapped in 100 dollar bills.  Then have at it!


If you can't get out to find a Red Kettle you can always donate online, you can even start your own Red Kettle campaign.