So, the Anaconda almost ate the Man on Sunday.

I forgot to watch, but Discovery Channel forgives that and lets me share the video with you.

Even though the Man did not go all the way down. It is interesting to hear him describe what is happening as the snake tries to squeeze the life out of him.



BTW,  TMZ reports the snake was not a wild one .  According to TMZ, naturalist Paul Rosolie couldn't capture a 25-foot snake in the wild of the Amazon. On the show they acknowledged bringing in a ringer, a snake that had been in captivity.
Sources on the production tell TMZ, "the stand-in snake turned out to be too small to get the job done, as far as swallowing Paul, but was still strong enough to rip his arm out of the socket. He eventually tapped out when that pain became too much to bear".

So since this snake was  too small to swallow a whole man, maybe they should have asked Jake to do it.  You know Jake from 'Two and a Half Men'.

Get it?  Jake's half a man.