Retired Staff Sergeant Kelly Foster bought a 1965 Mustang back in 2005 after his first tour of duty in Iraq. He planned to fix it up and turn it into a showpiece.  Of course that takes money, so Kelly was restoring the car a little bit at at time.


Margaret and Timor Martin were also getting their classic vehicle repaired when they heard about the soldier's story and decided to secretly help him out with the costs.



"We got some friends of ours together and everyone pitched in," said Margaret. "We wanted to kind of pay it forward for someone who has served this country."


They pitched in to the tune of 20 thousand dollars, with the Martin's paying most of it.


The Martins both come from strong military families and say they wanted to give back to those who served the country.


Foster thought he was going to simply check on his car; instead, he saw that it had been restored to mint condition.

"I'm extremely surprised. I had no idea this would happen," said Foster. "I'm speechless."