Woman Robbed at Local Skate Park
A woman was knocked unconscious at a skate park in Waco, and regained consciousness to see her backpack and money were gone. Three suspects are still on the loose, and the woman suffered a head laceration from the attackers.
Man Robs Convenience Store At Gunpoint
A man in Waco is on the run after robbing a CEFCO late Sunday night by gunpoint. The CEFCO robbed was located at 3001 Gholson Road. The man was last seen getting in a red SUV or minivan, and has a black t-shirt and white tennis shoes on at the time of the crime.
Two Men Rob Local Convenience Store
Police are searching for two men who entered the 7-Eleven in the 2600 block of South Clear Creek Road shortly before 1 AM Thursday and took cash and cigarettes.

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