No sooner had I sat down to re-read my article about the Dallas fed's upbeat analysis of our economy than I was turned on to this new survey which showed our beloved Texas as one of the top states in the country with a bright economic future.

Hey, tell us something we don't know!

Actually it's good to analyze and rank the states when asking the question, " where should I move to be prosperous?"  The so-called experts at looked at several factors, including level of unemployment and housing values. Texas did very well, outranked only by North Dakota and that's too damn cold, and, believe it or not, Oklahoma!  Our much-maligned neighbor to the north has actually beaten us on a good economic indicator list. Isn't that sweet for them!

Anywho, back to Texas. Here's what the website had to say about us:

A 2.32% rise in GDP and 3.96% house value increase over 5 years secures Texas a place in the top 3. Housing a tech hub like Austin means it's no surprise that the biggest state scored well for reducing unemployment too, an 11.73% drop put them in 14th place.

OK so we can improve on 14th place.  That's fine by us, we're always looking to do better.

Anyone curious as to who is dead last.  Sadly, it is another one of our neighbors, and I'm not talking about New Mexico. Right number 50 of 50 is my home state of Louisiana. The Bayou State is dead last overall and in unemployment and startups, and near the bottom  in new entrepreneurs and GDP.  I'm embarrassed as I can be but not surprised at all. Oh well.

Let's hear it for Texas, something more to celebrate about!