You've picked your spot. You've loaded the car. You've remembered the kids. Time to go, but good Lord, don't forget the snacks!

I was raised with the standard American family, Father, Mother, Me, Brother. That's two

That s**t melts all over my seats!

parents, and two kids for those of you scoring at home.

Each Summer we would take a trip. We mainly stayed in North Dakota. Maybe crossed over to Minnesota. Never tried to go to South Dakota if we could help it. Well, one year we went to see our Washington state relatives. We kids were still small, so we went in an Opal. (Google it) Don't care how "small" we were, that's one cramped trip.

It was also the 70s, so take your seat belts and shove them. To lay down, my little brother layed out in the back window sill, and I got the seat. But at least we had snacks.

I got my craving for chocolate from my Mom, but Dad refused to allow chocolate in the car.

"That s**t melts all over my seats!"

So, the snack of choice...Twizzlers. Nothing better for a road trip. Snip off both ends and you got a straw. They rock!

The snacks change as you get older. Soon it becomes your car. Do you allow chocolate? I did. I didn't allow pickles though. Nasty crap that stuff.

Take a look at a few other snack choices that would work for a Texas Road Trip.