Sunscreens to help protect you from the killer sun.

Sunscreens are on everybody's mind as Summer fast approaches. Consumer reports lambasted a bunch of sun screens saying that they didn't come close to the SPF's advertised.

What is SPF? It means Sun Protection Factor. And it means how much longer it takes for you to burn. Example, SPF of 30 means it would take a person 30 times longer to burn when wearing sunscreen than the person would without sunscreen.

For my pale ass, it means I can stay out in the sun for 30 minutes if I put on SPF 30, because I burn right away. There's no tanning in my family.

  • Badger SPF-30


  • Banana Boat Cool Colorz

    Vanishing Sunblock SPF-30

  • Neutrogena Beach Defense

    Sunscreen SPF 70

    This gives you a optimal level of broad-spectrum protection, and water and salt resistant properties dip after dip.


  • Coppertone UltraGuard

    SPF 70+

  • Burt's Bees

    Baby Bee Sunscreen Stick

    This scores well with ratings, plus it's Burt's Bees. It's just fun to say.

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