Come and listen to my story bout a man named Emil, who discovered a treasure trove at a South Texas estate sale.


Emil Knodell loves estate sales. Last weekend he bought a marble top, hand-crafted walnut chest of drawers for $100. He needed some help getting it into his truck.That's when he heard the noise. Emil says it sounded like a metallic waterfall.

( I know, I was thinking large Rat!)

As Emil and two guys operating the sale struggled to fit the dresser into Emil's truck, they tried to find the source of the noise and discovered the dresser had a secret drawer filled with secret treasure.

There was a ring with pearls, a bracelet made of gold, silver coins, several medals from the Civil War, stamps, letters and currency from around the world.

Emil hit the jackpot, but he did not even think about keeping it.  He said he bought the dresser not the contents of a secret drawer, and he wanted the original owners to have the treasure.




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