If you hate having to travel between the big cities in Texas, now you can avoid the heavy wait times of the airports, buy taking a luxury bus.

It's called Vonlane. And, according to KPRC2 News, this is not your school trips kind of bus, or even coach liner bus. When they say luxury, that's exactly what it is. Imagine the airliners from the 50's in the form of a bus.

You'll get first class, reclining leather seats. Plenty of leg room. And most importantly, for anyone who's traveled by coach bus before, a full size bathroom.

And that's not all. There's satellite TV available, XM satellite radio at every seat, complimentary high speed Wi-Fi reliable internet. Unlike airplanes, you can bring as much luggage as you want, no charge. And no TSA hassles.

If you plan ahead on the airport, you can get a ticket for $250 dollars. And with that ticket price you get all the headaches that go with getting to your plane, getting on your plane, and the plane it self. Be sure to arrive a few hours early for all the TSA nonsense, and by the time you get on the plane to take off, you could've driven yourself.

But with Vonlane, a round trip ticket from Houston to Dallas will run you $178 dollars. No long waits at the terminal, and no worries about being treated like a sardine in a pressurized cabin. Just take your over-sized leather seat and let them do the driving.