Were you aware that Sec. 22.16 of the Texas state Alcoholic Beverage Code forbids publicly-traded companies from selling hard liquor?

You have got to be kidding me!

Walmart Corporation has called B-S on this, rightfully so. Their suit against the state was filed last year and a scheduled hearing has been postponed.

Some mom and pop liquor stores who spoke to Austin's KXAN-TV and Lubbock's KCBD say allowing Walmart to sell liquor would put them out of business.

I say, don't use the law to stack the deck against your competitors. That's like fixing the game before the first whistle even blows.

When it comes to liquor, Walmart will never attract the clientele of Spec's or Twin Liquors. Nor should they: they're a mass appeal kind of store, while the two liquor chains mentioned carry a select product and cater to a more selective crowd.

What is being done to Walmart is restraint of trade and unconstitutional. Although the hearing on the matter has been postponed, Walmart is a force to be reckoned with in this area with its army of attorneys.

By the way, I buy all my liquor, beer and wine from Spec's as well as some soft drinks too. The reason: selection. That would not change.

Here's a report from CBS Austin and let us know what you think: