Its summer. So yes, it's hot but there is one bit of good news to come from the weather - fruit has never tasted so good! In case you were wondering which fruits are ripe this time of year, we thought we'd help you out with that for your next trip to the store or Farmer's Market.

I'm a walking sucker for stores because I never know what's in season. So if they have some crappy pears, peaches, plums, oh my, I'm your Huckelberry. But, no longer will I be playing the sucker. I now have a handy guide to what's in season.

For July, Texans should look for...

  • Peaches

    Is it Ripe?

    If you're a fan of the peach, then July is the month for you. Still need help on whether it's peach time? Check out the video.

  • Melons

    Never been a fan of the "melon" myself, but I've seen others with watery mouths when melons are mentioned.

  • Watermelon


    Mouth-watering watermelon. I've been waiting all year for this. But how to pick a good one. Hollow thump? Good lines? Dirty stump? Yellow patch? Find out with this video.