Last week, a Greek court found six men guilty of deadly assault in the beating death of Austin, Texas native Bakari Henderson. The men's sentences ranged from five to 15 years in prison, but Henderson's family and a Greek prosecutor are demanding a retrial.

Nine people were initially charged in connection to the beating - seven Serbians, one Greek, and a British man. Charges against three of the defendants were dropped, and a court in Patras found the six remaining defendants guilty of various assault charges.

On Monday, the prosecutor in the case ordered a retrial for murder before a panel of more senior judges, the Associated Press reports. That retrial would include murder charges against the British man cleared last time around.

Henderson, who had recently graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in business finance when he and friends took a trip to the Greek island of Zakynthos for a photo shoot in 2017.

While in a bar, Henderson was approached by a woman who wanted a selfie with an American. A Serbian man reportedly commented that there were plenty of Serbs present, and the woman shouldn't be talking to a black man. The man struck Henderson, after which a brawl erupted and spilled into the street, where Henderson was fatally injured by a crowd of men.

Henderson's family had hoped to see harsher sentences for the accused.

"You should not be able to chase a man down and beat him to death and not go to jail," Henderson's mother, Jill, told CBS News. "His face was bruised and swollen to the point where we put sunglasses on him when we buried him."


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