The Texas Rangers have announced a new Single-A baseball team coming to the Rangers farm system in 2025. The team is actually relocating from Kinston, North Carolina were they go by the name, Down East Wood Ducks. The new team name?

The Hub City Spartanburgers. Yes, you read that right. So does that mean minor league baseball is coming to Lubbock? Is the Hub City finally getting a team after all these years of people pushing for a team? And where will they play?

A Hub City By Any Other Name

Well, the sad fact is, while Lubbock is known as the Hub City, apparently another city in the United States is known as the Hub City as well. Yeah, two Hub Cities located 1,300 miles apart.

Lubbock, meet Spartanburg, South Carolina... the other Hub City. The Hub City that is getting a minor league baseball team starting next year. They even have uniforms that say Hub City on them.

HubCity Spartanburgers Facebook
HubCity Spartanburgers Facebook

Spartanburg hasn't had minor league baseball in 30 years according to a press release from MLB and they plan on serving the best burgers in baseball which is probably a good thing since the mascot is a burger. Meanwhile, Lubbock hasn't has a minor league team since the Lubbock Crickets folded in 1998 and it doesn't look like a team is coming to Lubbock any time soon.

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MLB in Lubbock?

While Lubbock may be missing out on minor league baseball for now, who knows what the future may hold. For now, those of us in Lubbock will either need to travel north to Amarillo for the Sod Poodles or south to Midland for the RockHounds if you want to see minor league baseball.

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