Taylor Swift is bonding with a fan over their post to TikTok.

On Dec. 21, Swift responded to a video of a mom that is a Swiftie, saying that the mom had left her "so moved."

The TikTok was posted by the user @saywhaaatt1 the day before Swift commented and showed the user discussing how Swift has had an impact on her and her daughter.

"Hey Taylor, I’m Jenny. I’ve been a fan forever. We’re the same age, so I grew up with you. You, like, saved my life growing up," she began.

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"And now, I have a 9-year-old daughter who is ... everything. And she looks up to you for everything, and your song 'Mean' is getting her through bullies at school. She has taken over the reins as No. 1 Swiftie, and earlier this year, we were talking about how good this year has been. And she was like ‘Mom, I’ve had more fun with you this year than ever before,'" the TikTok user continued.

"For my daughter to sit there and be like, ‘I’ve had the best year with you' ... I am a single mom; I work every day. That means so much to me,” she furthered.

 “I just wanted you to know that you have changed my mom heart, and have brought my daughter and I closer together," the woman concluded.

Swift saw the sweet video and responded, revealing that the mom's relationship with her daughter reminded Swift of her relationship with her mom.

"You just reminded me of why this year has been so special. I’m so moved by what you said. It reminds me of me and my mom and the memories we made at that age." she commented.

Swift and her mom have been close, and the singer wrote the song "The Best Day" about her mom, which appeared on her Fearless album. Additionally, Swift wrote "Soon You'll Get Better" from her Lover album after her mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

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