A man on Reddit is explaining why his girlfriend is upset with him.

In his post, the man shares that his girlfriend is upset with him after he refused to wake her up in the morning. The man explained that he usually gets up at 5 in the morning and does his morning routine while his girlfriend sleeps until 7 in the morning. However, the man shared that she usually sleeps through several alarms.

"She often sleeps through multiple alarms, or at least let's them go long enough for me to go in there and turn them off for her and snuggle up to her and say good morning. I do this because I want to give her some love, not because I thought she needed it to wake up. Turns out she does," he said.

That's when the man explained the situation and why his girlfriend is mad at him.

"Today I didn't go back into the room at all and was just doing my things that I do every morning. A few minutes after 7 she walks into the bathroom while I'm shaving and gives me a scowl and is clearly annoyed (she's not a morning person in the first place so I assumed it was her typical morning mood). But then she said how she was upset that I didn't come in to wake her up at all, despite having gotten back from the gym by like 6:15," the man shared.

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"I just said 'sorry, I was doing my things, you always have alarms so I didn't know I needed to wake you up'.. She was mad rest of the morning, and I was hurt by how she got upset with me for not being her alarm clock despite her never communicating that she depended on me waking her up. If she had said in the past that she really prefers when I do that because it helps her get up on time, then that's fair; I'd be in the wrong here. But there was no prior communication," he continued.

After that, the man sent her a message that explained his feelings and shared that it made him sad that she never communicated her expectations.

People in the comments section of the post agreed that the man was not in the wrong.

"Yup, there. NTA, she never told you she needed you to wake her up," one person said.

"NTA. She’s 25 and should be responsible for her own means of waking up. If she wanted the typical morning cuddle you give her, she should have communicated that like a big girl," another person shared.

"You said it yourself, zero communication. NTA. Let her be mad. This is a her problem, not a you problem. Scowling and then giving you the silent treatment is childish and not how healthy relationships function," read another comment.

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