Another food item in the state of Texas has been pulled from store shelves. Here's what is known at the time of writing.

Bagels In The State Of Texas Recalled For One Major Reason

According to the US Food and Drug Administration, the item in question being taken off store shelves is Gluten-Free Plain and Everything flavored Cream Cheese Stuffed Mini Bagels. The reason being, as stated by the FDA, is that gluten accidently found it way into the item itself. Feel Good Foods founder, Vanessa Phillips, released a statement in regards to the recall.

Phillips Stated: “Once we were made aware of trace amounts of gluten cross-contamination to Feel Good Foods’ Gluten-Free Plain and Everything flavored Cream Cheese Stuffed Mini Bagels, we contacted the FDA and took swift action to voluntarily recall the impacted product...We take the health and safety of our consumers extremely seriously."

How You Can Identify If You've Bought The Affected Items

There are certain items on the box that will help you find out if you've bought the food in question. There has been so far, as per the FDA, one reaction due to the product. This, in turn, triggered the recall from the company.

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If your box of bagels has the number UPC 89903900283 or UPC 89903900286 they are included in the call back. In addition, all best buy dates that 5/29/24 to 9/17/25 are involved in the rescinding as well. Pictures of the box can been seen on the FDA website as well.

This isn't the only recall this month in Texas, as another food product was taken off store shelves, and you can read more here. As this is a developing story, we will have more information when it becomes available.

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