Did you know the world's largest convenience store is soon to be no longer the Buc-ee's located in New Braunfels, Texas? The Buc-ee's in Temple is only about 10% smaller than the current record holder, but soon [NOT] "Everything is bigger in Texas."

There's a new Buc-ee's opening in Sevierville, TN that will be 74,000 square feet. That is nearly 12% larger than the New Braunfels store's current world record of 66,335 feet.

Where is Sevierville, Tennessee?

The north end of town sits at exit 407 on Interstate 40 just east of Knoxville, Tennessee. State Route 66 runs perpendicular with the interstate, and serves at the gateway to Dollywood, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg. There's a Dolly Parton statue in downtown Sevierville, and in May a Buc-ee's statue will sit outside the largest convenience store in the world.

What do you mean 'Then It Will?'

Fear not.

Yes, Texas will lose the claim of world's largest convenience store once the Buc-ee's in Sevierville opens, but the title will only remain in Tennessee for a short while.

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Who will have the biggest Buc-ee's in Texas?

Just this past November, ground was broken for the newest, largest convenience store in the world in Luling, Texas. Plans are for the new store to be 75,000 square feet, and that makes it 1,000 feet larger than what is being opened in May of 2023.

When will the new Luling store open?

The Luling store is scheduled to open in about 1 year from right now. It will replace the 1st ever Buc-ee's travel center store about 21 years after the original was built in 2003.

So, you better enjoy the bragging rights while you can Sevierville. The whole 10 months you'll be bigger in Tennessee.

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