In Texas, eating challenges are just one thing that make our state, well, the Lone Star State. Of course, these challenges have to be massive, and do I really need to explain why? But, there is one test that stands above the rest, and we've talked about it multiple times.

But where exactly are we going, well Amarillo of course! We're back at the Big Texas Steakhouse. We've been before, discussing the noted 72 Oz steak challenge. But many attempt the challenge, with some reaching legend status for what they did during the test.

One individual has set himself amongst the legends of the eating, almost as if you blinked, you would've missed the moment.

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One Big Steak, One Man, One Record

The details of the challenges are located here. But safe to say, having to 72 dollars for failing to complete the challenge is a motivating factor. With so much to eat, many have tried, and many have lost.

But to those who are brave and willing enough, glory awaits them if the complete it all. For one individual recently, he left many stunned, and others mystified.

First, let's just examine the video in question of the moment we've talked about:

Yes, you're seeing this right. This man practically inhaled a 72 Oz steak and everything else he had to eat to complete the challenge. He ate everything in 6 minutes and 28 seconds.

That's 388 seconds of eating time. Someone could have left the restaurant to look for something in their car to film the event, and completely could have missed it.

One thing is for sure, I could not eat that whole steak, let alone watch someone else do the challenge. I've seen enough eating challenges in my life where people have failed!

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