Perhaps the best part of living in Texas is that it really is a micro version of the entire United States with so many places to check out both historically and geographically. There really is so much to see here, and if Texas were its own country, it would be the 39th largest on the planet.

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It is not an exaggeration to point out that from a climate and topographical standpoint, the only real climate you can find elsewhere in the United States that isn't in Texas would be the Mediterranean climate of California. Texas features wetlands and swamps, mountain ranges and deserts, and we even have tropical beaches when you reach the southern portion.

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So, even when you have the whole country to visit, it turns out one of the very best destinations to see in America is right here in Texas.

Texas Destination Named On Best Places To Visit In America

San Antonio is the Venice of America, and yet it is still so much more than the Riverwalk or Alamo. In addition to all the incredible attractions within the city proper, you barely get across the metro limits, and you can enjoy a whole other level or experiences.

Other great attractions to check out include nearby Schlitterbahn, Gruene Hall, the Japanese Tea Garden, and San Antonio Missions. Also, did you know that San Antonio is also one of only two UNESCO Gastronomy Cities in the United States?

Learn more in this World Population Review article to see why San Antonio was named a top travel destination in the USA.

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