Love Field in Dallas, Texas might not be feeling the love for much longer as an investment firm just snatch up a big $1.9 billion worth of Southwest stock, and they have already said they would love to see the CEO Bob Jordan sent packing immediately. Let's just say in Jordan's short couple of years on the job that Southwest has not been performing the best despite being handed a company that had record setting profitability, and was in the midst of an aggressive growth mode while emerging from the Covid-19 years.

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The spotlight has been sharply upon Southwest since the 2022 holiday scheduling debacle, and their aggressive growth strategy has already been walked back due to poor execution. Just a few weeks ago, Southwest had another issue with their computers, and that is one of the many factors why new investor Elliott Investment Management says a new CEO should be priority number one.

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Texas Based Southwest Might Now Be In A Hostile Takeover

Much of the recent issues with the airline have come from computer issues that appear to have been an ongoing problem can that got kicked down the road for too long, and eventually led to a catastrophic failure that was happily sprayed across the news world wide for a solid couple of weeks. Just this past Memorial Day Weekend, Southwest had another hiccup that caused major delays and cancellations for the first major travel window immediately following Christmas and New Year.

You can read more in this KCEN-TV article.

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