Dancing with the Stars had signed Ryan Lochte before the Olympics began. After his night of "exaggeration" you'd think he would've been the first to leave. But then the Texan began to move.

Yes, Ryan Lochte got the most press thanks to idiots charging the dance floor, but that just might have saved him.

Ryan has so much hate on his shoulders that everyone thought he'd be the first to be kicked off the show, no matter what the quality of dancing from the other contestants. But because of the morons storming the floor, it seemed to give him some sympathy. That's unfortunate for former Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Without his six shooters on his hips, the hips were a bit stiff.

Rick, and his partner Emma Slater, cha cha'd to "God Blessed Texas." He ended up with only 20 points out of a possible 40, and was the lowest of the 13 couples.

He called himself a "lump of coal looking to be turned into a diamond", but, as everyone knows, that takes time, and it looks like his time is running out. Well someone has to be the first to go.

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