Federal Government Shutdown

Fishing for Freedom 2013 on Belton Lake is Canceled
The government shut down has canceled the annual Fishing For Freedom Bass Tournament on lake Belton.  That’s the big tournament that pairs up a professional angler with a Purple Heart recipient, wounded warrior, active-duty soldier, or retired service member.
Donors Chip in to Help Programs Hurt by Shutdown
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — The partial government shutdown is squeezing a number of programs that help people in need.
So, across the country, donors big and small are opening their wallets to help keep some of those programs afloat.
A pair of Texas philanthropists pledged up to $10 million to hel…
Drunk Dial Congress is a Website That Helps You Do Just That
Love drinking? Hate incompetent politicians? Well then we have the perfect website for you, friend.
Drunkdialcongress.org is a site that should have been created years ago. The idea is simple: You input your phone number and the site connects you with a random member of Congress that you can berate, …

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