‘Thor: The Dark World’ Review
Is it a Quantum Field Generator or a a Soul Forge? It's both, and that's why 'Thor: The Dark World,' like 'Thor' before it, is one of the best films that blends sci-fi and fantasy. Add the humor, star charisma and nods to the wider Marvel Movie Universe and you've …
‘Captain America 2′ Spoilers: Look Who’s Back!
Some new photos from the Cleveland set of 'Captain America 2' have revealed a surprising look at one of the first film's characters we thought wouldn't return for the sequel. Who is showing up in 'Cap 2' and what do they look like now? There be spoilers ahead!
‘Thor 2′ Director Says the Sequel Will Be Funny
With 'Iron Man 3' mostly behind us, the next Marvel superhero film to look forward to is 'Thor 2,' which hits theaters this November. Director Alan Taylor ('Game of Thrones') recently spoke out about what he's bringing to the upcoming sequel, and he promised everyt…

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