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15 Movies to See in 2015
2014 is over. (Or, nearly enough to call it so.) But movies never stop. Here are fifteen movies that we're looking forward to seeing in the next year.
10 Best Movies of 2014 (#5-#1)
This is it. This is the end. (Not to be confused with one of my favorite films of 2013.) These are the best of the best... at least in my humble opinion. There are many opinions out there, equally valid, which is what makes this fun, right? Anyway, these are mine.
10 Movies I Missed in 2014
Of all the movies that come out in a given year, not nearly all of them get wide releases, arriving at a theater near you. And, unfortunately, some of those limited release films tend to be the very best—or, at least, the most interesting—cinema the year has to offer.
5 Movies to Skip from 2014
2014 saw the release of some really wonderful movies, a lot of mediocre movies, and a handful of true stinkers. These are five movies from that last group. I'm not going to say that they're the worst movies of the year, just that you time would be much, much better spent elsewher…

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