Senator Geraldo?
TV and radio star Geraldo Rivera is considering a bid for the United States Senate. Rivera, who describes himself as moderate Republican, would run in the 2014 race in New Jersey, a traditionally blue Democratic state.
Current Democratic New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg is up for re-election next …
Israeli jets enter Lebanon
An unidentified diplomatic source has reported that Israeli air force jets attacked a target on the Syria-Lebanon border Wednesday night. The attack followed reports of a large deployment of Israeli planes in Lebanon.
The Lebanese army reported earlier Wednesday that several squads of Israeli jets we…
The Funniest Fiscal Cliff Memes
Hey, did you hear the good news? We managed to avoid soaring headlong off the fiscal cliff yesterday. Granted, the House pulled the plug on a bill providing emergency aid to people whose lives were destroyed by Superstorm Sandy to do it. But they did it. Hooray!(?)
Booze Banned On Elec Day
An election is the ultimate celebration of democracy. However if you live in South Carolina or Kentucky, booze probably isn't going to be part of your November 6 revelry.