state of the union

State of the Union
During his State of the Union Address Tuesday evening, President Barack Obama pledged to work with Republican lawmakers, but showed no sign of backing off his own plans.
SOTU Reponse & Fact Check
During last night’s State of the Union address, President Barack Obama vowed to act unilaterally where possible if lawmakers refuse to cooperate with his agenda. The Republican response – delivered by Rep. Cathy McMorris Rogers – came swiftly and mainly addressed the Pres…
Republicans Respond
Senator Marco Rubio of Florida was tapped to deliver the Republican response to last night's State of the Union address. He delivered his speech in both English and Spanish. The GOP has been working hard to reach out to Hispanic voters since 2008's election of Barack Obama, but it is not y…
Tea Party Response
Florida Senator Marco Rubio may have nabbed the spotlight with last night's Republican response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union Address, but Kentucky Senator Rand Paul's Tea Party response may have done more to impress opponents of the vision laid out in the President&a…
New Writer, Same Old Speech
Riding the wave of his re-election, President Barack Obama  hit upon themes of the economy, energy, climate change and gun control in his State of the Union address delivered to a joint session of Congress.