Super Tuesday

Texas Primary Results
The March 3rd primaries have wrapped up in Texas and while the Presidential race is starting to get thinner and clearer, here at home, some folks were swept back into office while others will face challenging run-offs.
UPDATE: Bell County Super Tuesday Ballot Shortage
In a follow-up to a story we reported yesterday during Super Tuesday, Bell County Elections Administrator Shawn Snyder spoke to me today about the ballot shortages that were reported by both Democrat and Republican voters during yesterday's record turnout...
Dem Ballot Shortage
We're receiving calls and reports out of Killeen from listeners in Precinct 412 at Palo Alto Middle School and other polling locations throughout the city, that Bell County election officials ran out of ballots for Democrat voters and are either turning away voters or being told to wait 30 minutes and in some cases over an hour to cast their ballots...
Coryell Voting Locations
It's Super Tuesday! Time to exercise your right to vote. If you're one of our Coryell County listeners, here's where you can make your voice heard today.