Hack It Your Way
Things got weird in the burger wars yesterday when hackers broke into the Burger King Twitter page and started firing off pro-McDonald's tweets.
Fire In The Sky
Russia was rocked by explosions Friday morning as a meteor shower lit up the sky, leaving hundreds of people injured - many by broken glass. One massive meteorite above the country's Ural Mountains is estimated to have weighed close to 10 tons and to have been traveling at a speed of about…
Close Call
Seventeen-thousand miles might not sound particularly close at first listen, but when it comes to a gigantic rock the size of half a football field, it's a bit scarier.
Floor of the Future?
While there’s something to be said for the iconic squeak of sneakers on an old, varnished wood gym floor, we might be willing to pass on tradition if we had a high-tech floor like this one. It looks like something out of Tron, and we're into it.

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