Conservative Blogger and activist Milo Yiannopoulos, Senior Editor of, did not waste time in being totally provocative on the first stop of his speaking tour of college campuses.

Speaking at Texas Tech Monday night to a crowd of raucous supporters and very few quickly-silenced dissenters, the stylish and very openly gay Brit-turned-American pundit of the alt-right opened with a few pro-Texas platitudes - "It's natural to start the tour in Texas because you love freedom" - before getting, ahem, straight to the point of his on-campus lecture, namely faked hate crimes. (The Whole Foods cake incident comes to mind immediately.)

He's headed to the University of Houston (Go Cougars!) next, followed by, get this, my alma mater of LSU in embattled and soggy Baton Rouge. That will be an event.

Milo is not for the faint of heart. Imagine Ann Coulter as a tanned gay man with a British accent, saying things that would get someone banned from twitter if they were posted online, which actually happened to Yiannopoulos earlier this year after he got into a war of words with Saturday Night Live star Leslie Jones. (The two discuss Trump in the video below.)

The full video of the event is below. If your idea of conservatism is homespun Mike Huckabee quoting Bible verses and could never imagine a room full of frat guys and sorority girls cheering on a frank very out homosexual man who is one of Donald Trump's biggest rhetorical supporters, you are in for a dose of major cognitive dissonance (at least in your mind.) Case in point: Milo is calling his series of appearances "The Dangerous F----- Tour."

Has your head exploded yet? It will! The full speech is here.