Last week, I mentioned in our profile of Joe Palmer that the task of finding a whole new team of announcers for football broadcasts is not an easy task in the least. One name which kept popping up in my conversations with people in the community was Art Coley. Multiple folks kept mentioning his name to me, telling me he'd be great. I hadn't met Art but by the time we sat down for a preliminary discussion about joining our on-air crew, I felt like I'd known this guy for years.

What can you say about one of Temple's more notable citizens that people in this town don't already know? Simple answer: ask him.

That task fell to Allen Roark, our host on Inside Wildcat Football, the weekly coach's show and interview program, who is also our social media maven and analyst with Art and Joe in the broadcast booth during Friday night's games. As it turns out, the two have known each other since they were both students at Temple High.

Hear Art Coley tell his story on Monday night's show on Newsradio 1400, KTEM-AM live from Wings, Pizza and Things in Temple.