Not many members of Texas' congressional delegation are rushing to the microphone to condemn the Republican nominee for comments he made about women a decade ago which have recently come to light.

Two who have made their disapproval clear are Kay Granger, R-Fort Worth, and Will Hurd, R-San Antonio. Both condemned Donald Trump and his comments.  The Dallas Morning News was quick to point out that neither of these two candidates supported Trump in the first place, and both are in competitive races.

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Closer to home, governor Greg Abbott tweeted his disapproval but stop short of revealing whether he intended to vote for Trump or not.

"Deeply disturbing rhetoric by Trump. An insult to all women & contrary to GOP values. Absent true contrition, consequences will be dire."

Meanwhile in California, another Republican and former governor, himself wrapped up in a sex scandal not long ago, revoked his endorsement.  Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to replace Trump  on TV's Celebrity Apprentice.