The Temple City Council voted unanimously Thursday night to adopt a resolution opposing unfunded federal mandates concerning the housing of illegal immigrants.

Mayor Danny Dunn stressed that no such mandates had been handed down, but that the resolution was intended to assure citizens that the city would not accept any that did.

"This is simply stating hat the City of Temple is not going to look favorably upon any unfunded mandates from the federal government involving illegal immigration," he said at Thursday night's council meeting.

Although the vote in favor of the resolution was unanimous, District 2 Representative Judy Morales spoke briefly before the vote about the nature of the current wave of illegal immigration that prompted the resolution.

"One thing we need to consider is that, are we talking about illegal immigrants, or refugees," she asked? "When you run away from areas that are life-threatening, to me, that gives a whole different light."

"I just want to emphasize that, as Americans, as a Christian nation, we are a nation of immigrants, and that we've demonstrated that love and compassion can overcome fear and anger," she added.

Mayor Dunn replied, "We are a nation of immigrants, and I understand that. However, there are legal ways to go through the system."

He used his brother-in-law as an example of a first-generation American who utilized that system.

The adopted resolution also contains language urging the federal government to enforce current immigration laws.