When we say all new, we mean it.

One week from tonight, Monday, August 29, will see the debut of the all new Temple Wildcats coaches show on K101.7's sister station, Newsradio 1400, KTEM-AM.  The school is the same, as is the radio station. The similarities end there.

Firstly, the name has changed. It's now Inside Wildcat Football and it's more than just talk.

Unlike last year's show, which was largely pre-recorded, this year the show is LIVE at a new night and time, Monday's at 6:30 pm - hosted by your very own Allen Roark. In addition to streaming live on ktemnews.com, the program will also broadcast on KTEM's Facebook page, and via the RadioPup app. You can also find video of the Inside Wildcat Football on our YouTube channel.

Behind the mic is new coach Scott Stewart, in his debut year as a head coach. Joining him as master of ceremonies is TISD's Allen Roark, who is a member of the Temple Wildcat booth crew. Roark, a teacher and coach himself, replaces Jamie Garrett, the former Temple play-by-play announcer who is now also a teacher in the Killeen ISD. They'll talk about the new winning attitude Stewart is bringing to the Cats.

Probably the biggest change is the new location of the broadcast. Inside Wildcat Football will now originate from Wings, Pizza 'n Things, 2112 SW H.K. Dodgen Loop. To prove the show is live, Allen and the Coach will take questions from the live audience as well as on Twitter and on our Facebook page.

After the broadcast, The Temple Quarterback Club will hold a "skull session" with Coach Stewart where he goes in depth analyzing the game.  For Temple Wildcat fans, it doesn't get any better than this, so we encourage the true blue believers to join us at the restaurant.

Did I mention the boneless wings are incredible? These can't be just wing meat, no bird could take flight with that much juicy goodness!

What is staying the same: the Wildcat games will continue to air on K1017 in sparkling high fidelity sound.  Pregame starts at 7 PM, kick off is at 7:30 PM.