Please look carefully each and every time you pull up to a gas station and plan to pay at the pump. The effort to steal peoples information at the gas pump is out of control in recent weeks!

The skimmer thieves have tried to strike again, this time in Temple. Temple police recently found two skimmers at 2 different gas stations in town.

The first skimmer was found at a Valero Gas Station on 31st in Temple (1706 S. 31st St). This location is pictured below.

Valero Service Station at 1706 S. 31st St via googlemaps

The second skimmer was found at a Shell station on General Bruce Drive (4005 S. General Bruce Dr). That location is pictured below.

4103 S. General Bruce Dr via Googlemaps

If you have purchased gas at either location recently, Temple Police are asking you to review your financial records for any suspicious activity. If you believe your information may have been compromised Temple Police are standing by to help.